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2018 Grants

As of 02/31/2018


Christian Volunteerism Funding Focus Area

People Served


Award Date Amount
To facilitate the efficient and effective management of volunteers through the purchase and implementation of Volunteer Hub, a software application.

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Feb-18 $31,000
To improve volunteer management practices by hiring a part time Volunteer Coordinator to recruit additional volunteers and strengthen relationships with area churches.

Mosaic Pregnancy and Health Centers

Feb-18 $28,000
To positively impact the lives of hurting people by encouraging and supporting Christian volunteerism and social service outreach in congregations and the community.

Send Me St. Louis

Jan-18 $294,000



Congregation Social Service Outreach Ministry Funding Focus Area 


People Served


Award Date  Amount
To increase the financial self-sufficiency of 16 low-income households by providing one-on-one financial coaching.. Beacon of Belleville Feb-18 $8,000
To provide stability and leadership in the fitness center by hiring an Interim Program Director offering strategic planning, resource development, program expertise, planning, and administrative support during this time of leadership transition. Christ Memorial Lutheran Church Feb-18 $33,000
To increase support to 21 family caregivers of individuals with serious mental illness by providing low-cost, Christian counseling, faith-based support groups, and skills based training.  CrossRoads Christian Counseling Feb-18 $14,000
To strengthen the social and community connections and self-sufficiency of older Chinese immigrants by providing partial salaries for the part-time Center Director and consultant for the Light of Christ-St. Louis Community Service Center. Immanuel Lutheran Church & School Feb-18 $20,000
To provide 40 families with quality Christian early childhood education through start up funding for some modest building modifications, equipment purchases, and a Program Director to oversee the center. St. Lucas Lutheran Church Feb-18 $75,000



Ex-offender and Family Services Funding Focus Area


People Served
Award Date  Amount
To support the successful reentry of ex-offenders by providing free legal services that resolve barriers to employment, family reunification, and self-sufficiency. ArchCity Defenders, Inc. Feb-18 $60,000
To build resiliency skills and strengthen the relationships of 520 youth with an incarcerated parent by matching them with a Big Brother/Big Sister. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri Feb-18 $19,000
To help 30 female ex-offenders improve their long-term success by providing after-program transitional support that includes family reunification, budgeting and employment assistance with ongoing case management. Center for Women In Transition Feb-18 $18,000
To strengthen the agency's long-term sustainability by continued support of the department which is focused on community relations, fundraising, capacity building, collaboration, and community inititives. Criminal Justice Ministry Feb-18 $38,000
To assist with the downpayment on the purchase of two 10 unit apartment buildings which will be used to house 10 CJM clients and 10 non-CJM clients. Criminal Justice Ministry Feb-18 $60,000
To reduce recidivism rates in 85 ex-offenders through career training, job development, and case management, as well as placement, retention, and supportive services. Employment Connection Feb-18 $26,000
To support the successful reentry of 40 ex-offenders impacted by trauma by providing supplemental mental health services for participants in the Training to Work and Family Formation programs. Fathers' Support Center, St. Louis Feb-18 $45,000
To improve the employment readiness and success of reentry for 25 female ex-offenders and their children with start-up funding for a new home in Lincoln County with services such as, counseling, parenting classes, employment, basic needs, child care, and life skills training. Mission Gate Christian Center Feb-18 $48,000
To increase the employment readiness and develop the leadership skills of 100 male ex-offenders by providing Biblically based character and leadership development, pre-employment training, mentoring, and ongoing support to retain employment. Mission St. Louis Feb-18 $40,000
To support the successful reentry of 40 ex-offenders as they graduate from the St. Louis County Justice Center by providing comprehensive wrap-around and substance abuse treatment services. Preferred Family Healthcare Feb-18 $25,000
To improve the mental and physical health and continuity of care for 900 Missouri ex-offenders released to the St. Louis area by providing 90 days of prescription medication upon release from prison, until a medical home can be established. Rx Outreach, Inc. Feb-18 $50,000
To enhance opportunities for 35 ex-offenders on probation/parole to remain in society by providing financial assistance to address barriers to success. Tri-County Advisory Board to Probation and Parole Feb-18 $3,000



Supporting Foreign-Born Populations Funding Focus Area


People Served
Award Date Amount
To expand art education to 110 immigrant and refugee youth through summer workshops on topics of economic and social justice within churches and community organizations. Bread & Roses Missouri Feb-18 $10,000
To provide 30 East African women with sewing training, professional development, and employment opportunities through the Nala project. Faith That Works Feb-18 $28,000
To improve the language proficiency, life skills, and self-sufficiency of 400 foreign-born individuals by providing in-home English language education and life skills training. Immigrant & Refugee Women's Program Feb-18 $20,000
To improve the self-sufficiency and integration of 130 foreign-born individuals by providing legal representation and to offer additional legal workshops and clinics with increased administrative capacity. Migrant & Immigrant Community Action Project (MICA) Feb-18 $55,000
To help the organization strengthen its capacity to serve as a regional leader in organizing and advocating for the rights of all immigrants. Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates, Inc. (MIRA) Feb-18 $34,000
To strengthen the collaboration and coordination of the Immigrant Service Provider Network (ISPN) by recruiting new participants and service providers, curating resources, hosting educational programs, and convening providers. Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates, Inc. (MIRA) Feb-18 $20,000
To enable leaders and collaborative partners of Revival School programming planning and administrative assistance. Revival School of St. Louis Feb-18 $10,000
To support immigrants and refugees by providing adult bilingual counseling, transportation, and legal services. St. Francis Community Services Feb-18 $134,500



Lutheran Education Funding Focus Area


People Served
Award Date Amount
To allow 27 children of New Americans attend an area Lutheran elementary or high school by providing scholarship and tutoring assistance, as well as supportive services for their families. Christian Friends of New Americans Feb-18 $54,600
To address the mental health needs of 115 students at EAGLE Prep Gravois Park with a part time school-based Counselor providing crisis intervention, individual counseling, group presentations, and consultations/referrals. Eagle College Prep Endeavor, Inc. Feb-18 $29,000
To more effectively serve 9,000 area Lutheran school students by offering continuous educational improvement programs and resources through curriculum development, administrator and teacher professional development, marketing and student services. Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA) Feb-18 $67,000
To provide innovative and enhanced learning opportunities to 48 students at Lutheran High St. Charles through "Project Lead the Way" with pre-engineering classes, a mobile computer lab, professional development, and matching grants to help replicate the program to three other area high schools. STEM2U Youth Programs Feb-18 $109,000



Older Adults Independence Funding Focus Area


People Served
Award Date Amount
To enable 35 older adults to remain in their home with ongoing case management. Cardinal Ritter Senior Services Feb-18 $50,000
To decrease isolation and depression in older adults who have lost their eyesight through audio broadcasts of local and national news, entertainment, and faith-based materials. MindsEye Radio Feb-18 $30,000



Community Involvement Grants


People Served
Award Date Amount
To provide annual support for 2018. Gateway Center for Giving Feb-18 $14,000
To provide affordable housing and support for low income residents of South St. Louis City by hiring a Community Coordinator and Property Management Specialist. Lutheran Development Group Feb-18 $159,000
To create a new program offering which will enable nonprofits, especially smaller and faith based organizations, to access customized planning and consulting services through a cost-effective cohort model. Network for Strong Communities Feb-18 $20,000




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