Christian Volunteerism

How to Apply

Successful grant applicants will need to demonstrate how their request addresses one or more of the Foundation’s Impact Areas in this funding focus area. Please click here to read important information regarding our funding interests and goals for funding in this area.  Also review the User’s Guide which provides more detailed instructions and examples for accurately completing the Grant Application.



Any Christian congregation, social service outreach ministry, or faith-based organization in the St. Louis region that meets the following criteria is eligible to apply for a grant in the Christian Volunteerism funding focus area:

  • is majority volunteer driven/focused,
  • has a significant number of volunteers (number is relative to the size of the organization), and
  • has volunteers serving in a variety of capacities.

Interested applicants must be recognized by and in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service as a 5-1()(3) organization or be sponsored by such an entity. Collaborative efforts should include the tax exempt letter of the lead agency.  The geographic area supported by the Foundation is identified in our Core Values.

Funding Parameters

Lutheran Foundation will consider expenses related to implementing a new or improving an existing quality volunteer management program.  While the Foundation will consider requests to fund a Volunteer Coordinator position, the Foundation is more interested in funding new rather than existing positions.  In general, the Foundation will not fund all costs associated with the volunteer management program.  

For all requests, the applicant must:

  • have completed an assessment of their volunteer management program to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement (contact Lutheran Foundation if you are in need of possible assessment tools),
  • have developed an action plan to address the areas identified in this assessment, and
  • demonstrate how expenses will be incorporated into its ongoing budget once funding from the Foundation ends,
  • identified potential funding sources beyond Lutheran Foundation to help cover these costs.


Organizations can receive funding for up to two years in this funding focus area.  Funding is typically awarded one year at a time.

Funding Requirements

All organizations funded in this funding focus area will be required to attend at least two trainings annually through Send Me St. Louis.  Click here to learn more about available trainings.

Further, Lutheran Foundation has developed specific requirements for the formatting of outcome statements, the types of outcome statements that programs monitor, and how outcome data is tracked and reported.  Click here for more information.

Application Process

All interested congregations or organizations must submit a Grant Application by the stated deadlines in order to be considered for funding. The Foundation strongly encourages applicants to meet with staff prior to submission of a funding request to explore opportunities for funding. Lutheran Foundation’s Board of Directors makes funding decisions on all applications. Grant Applications may be submitted anytime during the year; however, applications will only be reviewed two times per year as noted below.




Application Deadlines Board Decision Dates
December 1 February 28
June 1 August 31


When the application deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline is extended to the following Monday. Proposals must be received by the Foundation (not post-marked) by the stated deadline. In fairness to all, the Foundation does not extend deadlines for any reason.